Mexico is the fourth largest market in the world in cinema ticket sales

According to figures provided by CANACINE 229 million tickets to theaters in 2012 were purchased

La Cámara Nacional de la Industria Cinematográfica (CANACINE) – The National Chamber of the Film Industry – revealed that Mexico is the fourth most important market in the sale of tickets to movie theaters. This figure is just below countries like India, the U.S. and China, but ahead of France and Great Britain.

As for box office revenue is placed in 13th place collecting 812 million dollars. Regarding Latin America, surpassed only by Brazil (839 million). United States is the leader of this section ($ 9 thousand 782 million dollars).

CANACINE notes that Mexico’s place, is that the ticket price has averaged 46 pesos, much cheaper than in the United States, France, Brazil (110 Reales) or Spain.

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