An original production for Latin America

After the success with the special Contacto Extraterrestre, HISTORY presents its new 10-part series originally produced by the same title, which has numerous stories about encounters with strange beings and sightings of mysterious objects in the sky in Latin America that are still unknown.

Through a seven-nation trip going through Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and the U.S., Contacto Extraterrestre will continue to explore the possibility that beings from other planets visit the continent. The appeal of this recent journey is that the facts be presented with original filmic evidence captured by the production team, new photo and video files, reconstructions film and animation resources giving realism to the scenes and providing a greater understanding of the stories.

The production conducted over 130 interviews for 6 months between astronomers, physicists, meteorologists, military, pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft mechanics, direct witnesses and UFO researchers that were recorded in 43 cities.

Contacto Extraterrestre  will broadcast every Friday from June 21 in HISTORY’s prime time.

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