In Mexico: Televisa launches TagDF

The first international festival of technology, music, film and entertainment

TagDF is a festival FOCUSED in the Entertainment industry and digital creativity to detonate a new talent generation of Mexican creators through technology. The themes that the festival will develop are: music, television, film digital art, gaming, science, creativity and education.

The Hippodrome of the Americas and  Centro Banamex in Mexico City will host TagDF on July 3 and 4. TagDF offers its six thousand daily attendees the most innovative content through lectures, workshops, performances, concerts and exhibitions.


In TagDF, thousands of young people will be, at times, creators, producers or video developers, movies, photos, music or blogs. They themselves will be the filter of other content so that, so at the time, other developers consume, be inspired, and continue to create.

The festival will allow for this process of creation and collaborationfor Mexican youth to hobnob with ideas and the most innovative minds in the world.


+ More than 20 conferences with top level creative geniuses like James Cameron, Brian Eno, Steve Wozniak, Charlie Todd and Janie Bryant, as well as managers and directors of companies and industry leaders as alternative means or Julia Kaganskiy of Vice.
+ More than 70 hours of knowledge and learning labs on technology and content creation. The workshop participants come from academic institutions of excellence such as the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts; international design agencies as FX Fowle; open source leading companies like Blender 3D animation; civil society and youth hacktivism as Codeando Mexico, Mexican companies breaking molds as Machina and augmented reality items; International Foundations to share ideas as Creative Commons and Wikimedia, business schemes designed for the digital marketplace like Etsy; and, national artistic talents as Camilo Lara.
+ A huge expo area with the newest gaming, science, education, digital art and technology. There will be robots and prototypes IPN live impressions of three-dimensional works of art and science, video game tournaments, events to trigger the senses and brain waves as well as the latest technological developments and applications developed by UNAM and by commercial enterprises.

+ Two international concerts with bands of high technology deployment as Girl Talk, Da Punto Beat and Disco Ruido!

+ Five challenges to foster the talents of young people, two massive activations, video projections night of international artists and a film series with the best science fiction films.

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