Preparing Lego’s 2014 premier of the film

Warner Bros. in conjunction with the Australian company Animal Logic (responsible for the animation of ‘Happy Feet’ and ‘Ga’Hoole: La Leyenda de los Guardianes’), prepare the launch of the adventure film based on Lego constructions, which mixed animation and live action.

‘Lego, the film’ features the voices of actors Morgan Freeman, Chris Pratt and Will Arnett.The film is written and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who made sure to bring to the big screen the film “Lluvia de las Hamburguesas”

Significantly, the relationship that Warner has had with Lego for many years, with the granting of rights to the Danish company to build Lego versions of franchise characters of the studios, such as Batman or Harry Potter, and also through its subsidiary game TT Games.

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