“Gossip girl in 4k digital format we are pioneers of this technology,” Pedro Torres

Gossip girl Acapulco

Pedro Torres y el productor Memo del Bosque, Bruce Boren, VP de Televisa Networks y el productor Andrés Tovar.

The producer spoke with TVMAS about his new job, which he says is one of the most expensive series in the history of Mexico. After 5 ½ months of filming in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Gossip girl Acapulco initiates transmissions from August 5 by the Pay TV signal, Golden premiere. With over 150 people involved in filming between actors and technicians, Torres says he is happy with the final result, as discussed that Warner cared to the smallest detail, a partner in the production

 “It’s a series with a very high budget, I dare say that is one of the most expensive series that has been done in the history of our country. Therefore, Warner’s hand perfectly cared of every detail of production and scripts. We relied on our team of writers led by Juan Pablo Ibarra, who are doing an impeccable job to give more agility and intensity to the series, as it joined the first two seasons in one, i.e., 42 chapters in the two seasons, we achieved 25 chapters to form this season, “said the producer.

Gossip girl Acapulco consists of 25 one-hour episodes. It is directed by filmmaker Chava Cartas. The cast is headed by Rogelio Guerra, Norma Lazareno, Alexis Ayala and Roberto Palazuelos, among others. In juvenile roles, producer committed young talent, which highlights that they will become a great promise of performance.

It should be noted that the series is recorded in 4K digital cinema format to the new generation of screens.

Gossip Girl Acapulco premieres this August 5 at 21:00 pm by Pay TV signal Golden Premier. In September, the signal transmitted by pay on TeleHit to make way for transmission in November, VEO and open TV.

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