“In Mexico the scope of broadband is still restricted and it’s fair that the consumer has the opportunity to have physical products,” Maca Rotter

JELLYThe Director General of Consumers Products Televisa, conversed with TVMAS about album release preschool series Jelly Jamm as part of the growth strategy of the brand in Mexico, and the importance of physical products to the consumer.

“It is important that consumers continue to have access to the physical world of a product and more so when we go to a mass market as broadcast TV. Moreover, music is universal and we are aware that the physical world is falling but not enough to not do this type of release, as many people still do not have access to the digital world, “said the executive.

Rotter noted that the brand Jelly Jamm is complicated because of the segment to which it is targeted, but, “we have aspirational music in collaboration with the group Los Liquits for all Latin America, trying to be relevant also for the parents, since they are an important part of the growth in the brand to reach a wider market which remains the purchase decision of the final product,” concluded the director of Televisa Consumers Products.

Significantly, the physical version of the album will be released with an initial print run of 10,000 copies. This release will be strengthened with the promotion of the series that is transmitted through the Pay TV signal by Discovery Kids channel and on the YouTube channel. Jelly Jamm and has 15 pre-school products on the market and plan to launch another ten for Christmas and a toy line for the spring of 2014.

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