Kantar and Twitter impel analysis in the UK television

Ali Rowghani

Ali Rowghani, COO Twitter.

Kantar Media has reached an agreement with Twitter to develop new tools to support the planning and analysis of television in the UK, as reported by the company. Specifically, the two companies will offer strategic advice on programs and series, as well as tools to integrate social data in the marketing plan of advertisers and networks.

Products will be available for UK industry in 2014. “The importance of the impact of social media in the television industry continues to rise.

Both networks and advertisers experience with this phenomenon with the programming and advertising. In the world of social media, Twitter is the only public platform to converse in real time.

“Thus it has become a valuable database for measuring of the conversations about social TV,” said the president of Kantar Media, Andy Brown. To Twitter’s COO, Ali Rowghani, “TV and Twitter are fully complementary as communication media”

“Our users love to use Twitter while watching TV to interact and engage in direct social conversation about television content,” he added. Kantar Media will work on this task with SecondSync, a company on Social TV owned by Kantar Media.

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