Nevion to debut its new Distributed Broadcast Infrastructure Solution at IBC

Svein Havard Haugen

Svein Havard Haugen

Nevion, a leading provider of next-generation managed media transport, comes to IBC with a new highly scalable, end-to-end broadcast system based on mixed IP, optical and/or electrical distributed routing.

The highly nimble Distributed Broadcast Infrastructure Solution allows use of any infrastructure resource at any site, regardless of distance and location. Its flexibility comes from a distributed routing system backed by an overarching management system such as VideoIPath that maps virtual routers to all resource access points through simple routing control. The solution encompasses Nevion’s Sublime optical routing solutions, Flashlink Compact II optical conversion, and extensive IP infrastructure through theVenturatransport platform and Nevion’s JPEG 2000 video gateway.

“This solution is really about smart engineering,” said Svein Havard Haugen, product manager at Nevion. “The system, providing simplified operations by hiding all network details, opens up endless possibilities for workflow efficiency and cost savings, allowing access to unused equipment or resources at a different location – even outsourcing part of a production to an off-site company is possible. Even better, the solution works across any type of network, and utilizes the full benefits of modern IP infrastructure.”

Nevion’s Live Media Networking Solution, based on a streamlined Flashlink system encompassing all live production signals for studios, events, and campus networks, will also be showcased at IBC. Comprehensive management options, through Nevion’s VideoIPath or Multicon system control or third-party vendor, complete the end-to-end broadcast infrastructure solution.

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