“We bet for the videogames, a highly competitive market in where you must go warily,” Fernando Rondón

Fernando Rondón

Fernando Rondón, director of Televisa Home Entertainment

The director of Televisa Home Entertainment spoke with TVMAS on the launching of Audio Ninja, a game that only in 24 horas was placed on the top ten digital downloads

“It’s a game that we’re moving in conjunction with the Colombian companies Brainz and Cocodrilo Dog Games, we projected a while ago and finally were able to realize it,” said Rondon.

When asked about why not bet completely to this market, the executive said: “Televisa is not directly developing video games, we are partnering with preliminary studies and it’s hard to find projects that have legs to make it a success. It’s a highly competitive market in where you must go warily, as from the point of view it is profitable as it is in the development stage and we must have a return on investment. There exists a risk, but it’s measured somewhat because it must be a success to be profitable.”

For Televisa Home Entertainment, does the physical market remains profitable?

“The physical distribution market is very hurt, there is business but with great things, the golden age is over in which everything you knocked-off would be sold, and the numbers are dramatic to previous years. Historical series of Televisa, Telenovelas and Caracol’s products are those that are still being sold very well.

In the case of video games the process is slower because you cannot put one out every month, Audio Ninja took 2 and a half years to develop, and you must know what to bet on to avoid falling into the pile of applications,” concluded the director of  Televisa Home Entertainment.

Significantly, Audio Ninja was initially launched with great success in Colombia and in Mexico was placed in the top ten

Apple Store downloads in just 24 hours, to continue throughout Latin America and Europe.

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