Macabro International Festival begins


Edna Campos, director general of the festival Macabro

general director of the

With the premiere of the U.S. film in Mexico “The Battery” (2013) a horror film with touches of drama, written and directed by Jeremy Gardner, started the twelfth edition of Macabro: The Horror International Film Festival in Mexico City (FICH), which will run until September 1 at the Cineteca Nacional (National Film Archive.)

This year, the festival will be dedicated to the horror film divas and the work of new filmmakers, so it will be attended by great and renowned directors of Italian cinema as Lamberto Bava and Luigi Cozzi, as well as an important collection of contemporary genre film.

“In this 2013, Macabro turns 12 editions of its creation and we want a renewed festival, because our interest is to show films that rarely comes to theaters, and this is precisely our challenge this year. We want the films that are part of the programming of Macabro, which this year are more than 10 countries, achieved a strong international rotation,” said Edna Campos, general director of the festival.

Macabro will be presented from August 23 to September 1 at the Cineteca Nacional, in the Julio Bracho room of the Centro Cultural Universitario, the Cinematografo del Chopo, the Centro Cultural Carranza, the Cine Lido, the Museo Laboratorio Arte Alameda and the Museo Panteon de San Fernando, in the main show.

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