“We have a partnership with YouTube, and our intention is to find hidden Mexican talent on this platform,” Jorge Murillo


Jorge Murillo

Jorge Murillo, regional  director  E! Entertainment Televisión

The Regional Director of E! Entertainment spoke with TVMAS about new productions: Fashion Police andOpening Act, in the Latin version.

This October, pay TV channel E! Entertainment will launch the Latin versions of Fashion Police, under the direction of Oscar Madrazo and Marcela Cuevas, as well as Opening Act, issue headed by Leonardo de Lozane.

“We launched the Mexican version of Fashion Police to strengthen regional contents which we currently do. The directors of the emission, Oscar Madrazo and Marcela Cuevas, will travel to the studios withJoan Rivers to know more about the format and make the most out of this,” said Murillo.

He also added that this version will focus in covering 80% of the Mexican red carpets and some international: “We don’t want  to make an exact copy of the original, what we want is talent and local speech. We started recordingin September and we go on the

air in October with a three-month season.”

Moreover, the Latin version of Opening Act, led by Mexican Leonardo de Lozane Leonardo, he has a partnership with YouTube. “We have found that there are music videos that have more than one million views and we intend to find Mexican talent hidden there, bring them, prepare them in five days and go for their talent and put them on the stage to open the show for national and international artists as Bon Jovi, Zoe or Belinda,” concluded the executive.


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