Agreements between DLA and VIACOM for the telenovela Niñas Mal 2

Niñas Mal 2

Telenovela Niñas Mal 2

DLA closed a deal with Viacom to offer exclusive episodes of the second season of the telenovela Niñas Mal 2 in their VOD product via streaming one week before its premiere on MTV, channel creator and producer of the popular series, one of the most successful among the millennial audience.

“The premiere of original content on the VOD platform via streaming DLA before its television premiere marks a milestone of enormous importance in the history of our company and provides substantial added value to subscribers of our product in the region,” said Paul Iacoviello, head of acquisitions at DLA. “Moreover, such agreements allow programmers and MTV expand the visibility of their content, while promoting and selling their original works in the digital space,” said the executive.

Under the terms of the agreement, the 72 episodes of the novel, whose first season broke ratings records in the region in 2010, will be available exclusively on VOD platform via streaming of DLA seven days before its official release in the channel screen.Niñas Mal 2 premieres on MTV on September 9 and will be available in the product of DLA from Monday, September 02.

DLA is the leading company in the development of entertainment products VOD platforms in Latin America and the Caribbean. Subscribers have access to full seasons of classic series, sports series, the best shows and the most popular children’s programs. All in one place, without restrictions on time and through various devices including internet-connected computers.

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