Some of the conference speakers talk about the XI Summit of the Telenovela and Fiction Series Industry


Some of the conference speakers talk about the XI Summit of the Telenovela and Fiction Series Industry

A myriad of experts from different areas of the world will shape the panel of the next edition of this event, to be held next November in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Rapporteurs from the the stature of Arabic producer and distributor Saqr Al Hamoud; Indian entrepreneur Viyaj Pal Soni; Italian writer, director and producer Valerio Boserman; Dutch CEO, Patty Geneste of Absolutely Independent and FRAPA representative; formats expert Michel Rodrigue; Colombian writer and director Felipe Tello; influential producer and composer Joe Granda and Argentine creator Ramiro San Honorio are some of the speakers that are part of the panel of the Eleventh Summit of the Telenovela and Fiction Series Industry.

Saqr-Al-HamoudSaqr Al Hamoud
Representing the Middle Eastern countries, Saqr Al Hamoud, owner of Media Marketing and Production Est., will provide a presentation on the future of Latino productions on that side of the world. The expert believes that “the proficiency of Turkish telenovelas in the Middle East is declining, whereby the path is open and offers great potential for Latin American telenovelas, if they know how to adapt and know the politics of these markets.” Media Marketing distributes contents to all Arab TV channels in the Middle East and North Africa.

vijay-soniVijay Pal Soni

Meanwhile, Vijay Pal Soni, CEO of the leading TV serial distribution company VPS Communication Ltd, based in Britain with branches in Mumbai, India, and Mauritius, specializes in the acquisition of rights to formats. The India-born entrepreneur based in London, also owns dubbing studios in Hindi and French, ensures: “I love to participate in this year’s event in Puerto Rico and promote the industry in India, with more than 300 television channels and millions in audience. An opportunity to promote strategic alliances.”

valerio_bosermanValerio Boserman

From Europe, Valerio Boserman, award-winning producer established in Spain, winning and nominated in the International Festivals of Viña del Mar and Valladolid, respectively, with “Seminici” (2008 ), will discuss the Web series genre, sharing the experience of “Sombras” a horror series, and a movie for the Internet that is about to see the light.

PattyGenestePatty Geneste

Likewise, Patty Geneste will attend in representation of the Asociacion de Reconocimientos y Proteccion de Formatos (FRAPA, for its acronym in English) of the Netherlands and her theme is about the rights and the commercial advantages of formats. What is the current reality of the formats market?

michelrodrigueMichel Rodrigue

To follow up this issue, Michel Rodrigue, with over 35 years experience in the format business and who has played a key role in promoting this industry worldwide, the CEO and partner of The Format People- based in Los Angeles, will offer a comprehensive presentation on the “formats bible.”

felipe_telloFelipe Tello

From the writers point of view, Felipe Tello, trained in Havana and New York and who now has his own firm, Casarodante Films, will talk about transmedia narratives. “Users are where there are good stories. That will always be the link between the viewer and the screen.” He values the Latin series, which have recently made major showcases, on which says: “The HBO series have higher values, giving them the strength to be unique proposals. This is the future. “Tello is co-creator of the Transmedia ON project, “Abre tus Ojos”, winner of the Innovation Award in the Netherlands this year.

joe_grandaJoe Granda

The invaluable contribution of Joe Granda will build on his expertise in marketing techniques, which has turned him in one of the key pieces in the U.S. entertainment industry, working with stars like Thalia, Juanes, Ricky Martin, Paulina Rubio and Luis Fonsi. As CEO of Granda Entertainment, Granda specializes in promoting artists, musicians, and music videos for clients such as Sony -BMG, Universal Music Latino, EMI-Televisa, WEA Latina, Estefan Enterprises and Univision Music, to name a few.

ramiro_sanhonorioRamiro San Honorio

From Argentina, Ramiro San Honorio, creator will take advantage to present  the animated series of his authoring “Flip” as a content case study and its subject is geared to the digital age, technology applied to the story. “New rhythms, all laws affecting the classic tale. It is not enough with just a good idea and development well written, it must be deepened in the promotion, plots with impact elements, tridimensionality in the characteristics of the personages, more creative twists and less clichés, but above all going towards searching of an interaction with the viewers” and says that now the stories have to be part of an engaging show. “Old structures must be broken, update them as is done with software.”

These issues, among a wide variety of interesting cutting-edge topics, pose the foundation for helpful stature discussions, from the hand of renowned international experts, during the XI World Summit of the Telenovela and Fiction Series Industry. This meeting, which has become a global reference, represents another unique opportunity without waste for the professionals involved in this business.

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