Rive Gauche Television programming new 43 hours


Jon Kramer, CEO Rive Gauche Television

The company is committed at MIPCOM 2013 with these new programming hours among which highlight several genres (food, travel, lifestyle, family, home and crime) expanding its catalog. And is that Rive Gauche Television will also present a list of plus 30 additional series hours.

Among the new series include “Mountain Movers” (8×60), produced by Good Clean Fun, “The Illegal Eater” (13×30), produced by Farpoint Films, “Who Let The Dogs Out” (26×30 or 13×60), TriWest Entertainment, “Buying Hawaii” (10×30) and “Buying the Bayou” (14×30), produced by Paper Route Productions, “Elder Skelter” (3×60), Hot Snakes Media, and “Momo: The Sam Giancana Story” (1×60) Elio Pictures and Monoco Films.

 Also the company closed a new credit East West Bank, improving the terms of its previous financing agreement and positioning the company to pursue future growth opportunities. Jon Kramer, CEO of Rive Gauche Television, said “The East West Bank gives us an expanded financial capacity in what we consider to be opportune times. We’re excited to be debuting a large and diverse list at MIPCOM 2013, and we hope further growth for the next year “

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