‘A Corazon Abierto, the best adaptation in Latin America

Colombian journalist and writer Fernando Gaitán creator of Yo Soy Betty la fea

Colombian journalist and writer Fernando Gaitán creator of Yo Soy Betty la fea

The adaptation of Grey’s Anatomy by Colombian writer Fernando Gaitan, who led a group of writers and screenwriters, is cataloged the best adaptation in recent years throughout the region.

And is that after that defrauded the public adaptations made in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, A Corazon Abierto gets all the applause and all medals.

The idea came into the head of Jaime Sanchez Cristo, president of Vista Productions who proposes to Fernando Barbosa, senior vice president of distribution for Disney Media Networks Latin America to make a super serie commanded by Fernando Gaitán.

Therefore, the renowned Venezuelan producer Leonardo Aranguibel and Fernando Gaitán was given the task of such a brave and innovative initiative.

The superserie should have springs and the outline of the telenovela, not only in its narrative, but also in how to deliver daily to the public.

The result? An impending success was also developed the local version for Mexico in a Gaitan adaptation (TV Azteca).

The broadcaster RCN in Colombia was led by Gabriel Reyes, an expert in the business of television and who maintains trade links with VISTA and Disney.

By then Fernando Gaitan was RCN exclusive librettist, analyzed the serie with a team of scriptwriters (Fernan Rivera, Elkin Ospina and Monica Agudelo) and view the viability of culturally and structurally adapted to the Latin American serie and more particularly to Colombia.

It was transplanting a sophisticated American medicine to social and economic level in the troubled health system Colombia and Latin America, and on the other hand, changes the genre of this weekly exhibition for serie-telenovela daily from Monday to Friday.

From these analyzes, Fernando Gaitán designed structural adjustment, including the variation of many dramatic lines of the original version, as well as creating new characters and new situations respecting the general spirit of the story.

By that time, the RCN Television directives called Gaitan to assume the Vice President of Channel Product, and then hired the great Venezuelan writer Ibsen Martinez (Por estas Calles), to head up a group of screenwriters to be implementing adaptation under the guidelines set by Gaitan.

The first team was composed by Mauricio Guerra, Cecilia  Percy and Sandra Gaitan in the investigation, under the baton of Ibsen Martinez.

However, by time and synchronization issues with the team, Ibsen withdrew from the project, and the head was taken then by the writer Mauricio Miranda, who assumed the role of Ibsen

As of this time, Gaitan who was  Vice President retakes the reins of the chapters with Miranda and the team and cowrites the first 10 chapters.

Miranda continued to lead the group for several months under the supervision of Gaitán, even when there was a crisis within that generated the exit of Mauricio Miranda and Mauricio Guerra.

Then urgently Gaitán called two skilled writers of the channel, Fernan Rivera and Elkin Ospina (who had participated in the analysis of adaptation) and took over the team, doing much of the first season and the entire second season of the successful serie.

The executive producer of this project was Fernando Barbosa and Leonardo Aranguibel of Disney Media Networks Latin America and Jaime Sánchez Cristo of Vista Productions; Sergio Osorio was the general Director and Silvia Duran as a general Producer

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