“There is no direct competition in Mexico for channel 2.” Jorge Eduardo Murguía. Televisa production VP

Jorge Eduardo Murguía. Televisa VP Production

Jorge Eduardo Murguía. Televisa VP Production

After the decline in audience that has registered the last bar of telenovelas, which lies between 15 and 18 rating points, Televisa is premiering with a new bar of 4 stories with the intention to re-level the audience that last year was above 20 points. TVMAS spoke with Jorge Eduardo Murguia, VP of Grupo Televisa production, about this factor, competition and the balance of 2013.

“It is not as successful balance as last year but still positive, everything is within the parameters of channel 2, but we always want to be better. I believe that always telenovelas greatest hits are multifactorial; it has to do with the rating they inherited, with the moment that the country is living and the mood of the people. All that is combined with a job properly done and that makes big hits,” said Vice President of Televisa production.

The most recent successes which have recorded excellent audience levels are classic stories like Corazon Indomable, above new subgenres. When asked if they will continue betting more classic than for the actual or comedy, Murguia said: “The important thing is to make telenovelas that entertain the public. There is a common denominator in this sense; it does not mean that we will make pure traditional telenovelas because the public likes them a lot. We continue betting on new things but always giving the public what it wants, and each genre has its own audience,” noted the executive.

Although the bar of audience for telenovelas suffered a decline, the melodramas of the competition as Azteca or Cadenatres are between 4 and 8 points. In your point of view … What is missing from the competition in order to achieve the rating points as those recorded by the Televisa telenovelas?

“It’s a question on many factors have to do with stories, cast, etc. At Televisa we have fairly well oiled machinery for many years, is walking and tried to take care of its step. They have failed to create a great factory like us, and I do not doubt that suddenly they could have good stories and producers, but they have not been able to combine all these elements to achieve that growth and consolidation.”

“Competition for channel 2 in Mexico continues to be not as direct competition for the purposes of rating, but now the new multiplatform offerings are direct competition. People now have the option to view a range of content across different platforms and mobile devices, but nevertheless the product of the telenovela   continues to be on open TV and we are reaching this new audience with our offer of quality contents,” concluded Jorge Eduardo Murguia.

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