Antena 3 of Spain celebrates 25 years


ANTENA 3 LOGO 25 ANIVERSARIOOn January 25, 1990, began the oficial network broadcasts, the first private television in Spain marking a new era in this country with a television monopoly in the hands of public television.

They are 25 years of innovation and consolidation of its leading television model that has become the most valued brand of the Spanish sector.

A television that focuses on quality, receiving social recognition and harvesting great success thanks to its comprehensive offer, plural and quality that meets the preferences of viewers, satisfies the advertisers and acts as a dynamic element of the television industry.

Antena 3 has managed to become a recognized network and is celebrating in style with great actions that will take place from the 25th to January 31, 2015.

Sunday January 25, on the anniversary of the regular broadcasts, Antena 3 Noticias will be responsible for the programming celebrations kick off. The grill is filled with special programs in their areas of entertainment: La Ruleta de la suerte, Boom, Ahora Caigo, El Hormiguero 3.0, The Simpsons… as well as a documentary which will collect the 25 year history of Antena 3.

Actions in channel programming will culminate with the broadcast of a large special program in primetime. The image of Antena 3 becomes, from January 7 and until end of the celebration, in an elegant Mylar balloon and continuity of the network also debuts a special anniversary identity. Later, will hit the screens the spot for the 25th anniversary.

Also on January 29th will be held a great institutional party at Galería de Cristal del Palacio de Cibeles, (Crystal Palace Gallery of Cibeles,) which will bring together the greatest personalities of this country and the most relevant faces of the audiovisual industry.

The history of Antena 3 will also be on paper with the release of a commemorative book that traces its journey.

Finally, has developed a special site that collects the best moments in the history of the channel with the contents that have marked the network and a gallery of characters that best represent these 25 years.

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