Cancelled the Bill Cosby show

BILL COSBYIn last August when NBC announced with much fanfare the return to the small screen of Bill Cosby, with a program that would premiere this 2015, many programmers in several countries had a smile from ear to ear. But this lasted a short time.

NBC announced that the project was canceled, after a woman accused him publicly of having sexually abused her 30 years ago when she was an aspiring actress.

To this accusation, were joined by others by which this determination was taken as reported by NBC News.

The legendary comedian was preparing to play Jonathan Franklin, a patriarch that would share his experience and ingenuity to support in their complicated lives his daughters, sons-in-law and grandsons, as had revealed the broadcaster.

Netflix canceled the broadcast of a Thanksgiving Day special last November, entitled “Bill Cosby 77”, following allegations of sexual abuse that made the actress and model Janice Dickinson.

Cosby, 77, has said nothing, but his lawyer John P. Schmitt released a statement saying his client would not validate with a response “baseless accusations which are a complete lie”.

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