Oscar de la Hoya TV an specialized and highly anticipated offer

Oscar-de-la-HoyaThe world renowned and one of the most important boxing promoters, Oscar de la Hoya, launched its television sports channel, travel, lifestyle and sports news, announced today the “Golden Boy” in the framework of NAPTE, held in Miami from the 20th to the 22nd of January.

“Original programming focused on combat sports, including boxing and MMA, this multi-platform channel offers access to the admired sports champions.”  Said De La Hoya, president of the company. “The channel exists to inspire everyone to live the life of a champion, offering exceptional views of athletes and entertainment programmers, world- wide destinations, news and more.”

Based on the brand of boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya, the channel was launched with content in Spanish and focuses on participation of the Hispanic market in the United States.

Among the Hispanic audience in the United States, boxing is the second most popular sport after football, and recent data suggest that over 50 percent of fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) are Hispanic.

In the spring of 2015 the offering will be available for distribution by cable and satellite. Initially its launch will be in Spanish but the ambitions is to take it also in English. 

De La Hoya TV, is a collaboration between three partners: Oscar De La Hoya, businessman and international boxing promoter Alberto José “Pepe” Gomez and media executive and partner of Fashion TV Latin America, Victor Hugo Montero.

Gomez is a major promoter of Mexican boxing, increasingly recognized internationally. Gomez owns Quequi Group, one of the largest business groups in  Mexico, formed by the largest newspaper in the region, a radio station, among other businesses.

Montero is an executive with experience in television and cable, having launched the first cable channel in Venezuela, Sun Channel Tourism Television, which is currently available throughout Latin America.

Montero has recently relaunched Fashion TV Latin America, an international cable channel. “In my decades working in television, I have seen few opportunities to connect with a market untapped and exponential growth, as this level. For over a year we have worked on this project and we are focused on expanding content in Spanish to soon include English and make it available to a wider audience – all to serve the consumer appetite,” said Victor Hugo Montero, CEO and managing director of De La Hoya TV.

“The popularity of combat sports continues to grow throughout the U.S., Latin America and the world, and now fans will have a resource for news and analysis by De la Hoya television,” said José Alberto “Pepe” Gomez, vice president of De La Hoya TV.

The original production for De La Hoya TV will begin this quarter. The network is based in Miami, Florida.

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