Violetta in its final chapters excited the audience

Cecilia Mendonca (1)

Cecilia Mendonca



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Claudio Chiaromonte

Three seasons is discovered how Violetta ends, the popular Disney Channel story that knew how to lure all infant and adolescent audiences. After the broadcast on the screen, on February 6th, the final episode will be available in the Violetta site in with new and emotional videos for its followers. And there’s more, Disney Channel prepared a special version of the last episode, which will bradcast on February 15th  at 18:00 hours, unpublished content.

The Teen telenovela, which premiered on Disney Channel screen in May 2012 starring Martina Stoessel and Diego Dominguez tells the story of a talented teenager, who after living several years in Europe, returns to her native Argentina where she finds true friends, love and discovers her vocation for music.

“We are convinced of the permanence, relevance and emotional connection that the current audience and new generations continue to have with Violetta and that’s why we still have much more to offer,” said Claudio Chiaromonte, Executive Vice President and General Manager of The Walt Disney Company Latin America.

For her share, Cecilia Mendonca, Vice President and General Manager Disney Channels Latin America of The Walt Disney Company Latin America, added: “We are very proud of Violetta, a regional and international success thanks to the level of production, music and great connection that its cast achieves,  through a universal message with stories about family, friendship and love together with the optimistic view that we always try to promote.”

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