Amores con trampa, one of the new bets of Televisa


Cast of the telenovela Amores con Trampa

Televisa recently released Amores con Trampa with a new bet of the company to undertake the conquest of viewers from March 2nd in primetime  at 8 pm by Canal de las Estrellas.

The novel takes the place of Mi Corazon es Tuyo, adaptation of the Spanish series Ana y los Siete, and follows two families, one of the field and another of the city, who having to live together  will be faced constantly because of the contrast between their ways and customs.

Televisa held in Mexico City, the official presentation with producer Emilio Larrosa (Hasta que el dinero nos separe) and a starring role in the telenovela: Itatí Cantoral, Eduardo Yáñez, Ernesto Laguardia, Africa Zavala, Harry Geithner, Nora Salina, Ignacio López Tarso and Luz María Aguilar.

Production includes some young graduates of the Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa (Center for Arts Education of Televisa,) as Scarlet Dergal, Jessica de Cote, Ceci Flores, Boris Duflos, Flor Martino, Lore Ilderewit, Kristel Moesgen, Aldo Guerra, Diana Villa and Lore Graniewicz’said Larrosa.


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