Overhaulin’ in its eight season on Discovery





Under the watchful eye of automotive design legend Chip Foose, the channel opens on Tuesday, February 17 the eighth season of Overhaulin’ the series in which a mechanical team of designers and specialists transform ordinary autos or even shabby ones in unique pieces, fully customized.

Using strategies, several damaged vehicles arrive at the workshop without the knowledge of their owners and the team gets to work to surprise them at the end of each episode, in which the renovated and sparkling auto is revealed.

This season, a team member asks Chip to give his wife Vera a special surprise: the renewal of her Porsche 356, 1962. In addition, the group will receive a destroyed Sunbeam Tiger to make it something that really can roar.

Challenges and defiance of the whole team whom must work hard for achieving the most amazing cars.

In this new season, hockey fanatic Tony Farrell wants to fix his Dodge A-100 van so that it can return to the tracks. Also the Los Angeles policeman Scott wants again to see shine his ’63 El Dorado Cadillac, and Chip himself transforms his old work truck into something worthy of the racetrack.

The series combines art, technology and ingenuity to present the most amazing and original productions. The program will cross the boundaries of the workshop and will explore moving human stories and the solid connection between man and machine.

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