Hulu faces competition from OTT platforms


Jessica Scott

Within the framework of Rio Content Market 2015, Jessica Scott executive in charge of on-demand content from Hulu, set forth her vision in relation to the OTT platforms, the new business models started in 2007 and its current growth in the US market, despite strong competition.

In relationship, stated: “There is no space for everyone in  the current market, but each has a niche. We have current television programming, collections and original content. Our base assists both the actual content of television, the competition focuses more on assets of the  business.”

The company currently has no plans for international expansion, but they are considering partnering with other services to generate content.

It was made known that Hulu is also investing in content for specific audiences such as Latinos in the United States. Jessica Scott said interest of Hulu Latino, a site ideal to see novels, movies and shows. Furthermore, the company is producing the original series 11/22/63, inspired by Stephen King’s book, Casual and difficult people.

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