Preparing Regional Meeting of Telecommunications in Rosario, Argentina

Jorge Jacobi

Jorge Jacobi

These conferences since 1995 sought to integrate with a more modest version of the industry when the major events took place in Buenos Aires cable operators could not reach.

This is sketched by the large number of small businesses in cable TV  (by subscription) that existed at that time and could not participate for various reasons, in these mega events. Since then the event has been held and this year, like last year, will be held in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe in which Jorge Jacobi its organizer expects the success of last year with an average of nearly 1000 participants who visited the 45 exhibitor stands.

“The profile of exhibitors runs the gamut to be expected for an event of this type: content producers, equipment manufacturers or agents for external networks of pay-TV systems, equipment suppliers for production and/or postproduction radio and/or TV. TV service providers and telecommunications in the region. ISPs, etc. the speakers are recognized personalitites in Latin America for the presentations made in different countries,” expressed to TVMAS, Jorge Jacobi, adding that most visitors corresponds to Argentina but with the proviso that they come from nearly all provinces of our country. “Foreign visitors come mainly from Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay, even when we receive visitors from Guatemala, Ecuador and Chile. All foreign visitors are related to Pay TV. ”

The purpose of the Regional Meetings of Telecommunications is to keep the attendees updated on the innovations and changes that have taken place in the industry, with the presence of international speakers, achieving a strong interactivity among the participants, which has become a trademark of the Regional Meetings of Telecommunications. “After 20 years of work we have the sponsorship of leading Business Chambers of the region and Argentina as: CABASE, CABLEHOGAR, CACPY, COPITEC, Red Intercable Digital and the Polo Tecnologico Rosario Technological” explained, adding that “the main objectives are to provide exhibitors and visitors a meeting point where they can exchange ideas, visions, share experiences, to update…. All this in a relaxed and friendly environment where camaraderie reigns a strong interaction between its participants.”

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