In streamings with Danielle Colby, History Channel made history from Mexico

Buster Cox y Danielle Colby -

Buster Cox y Danielle Colby

Eddy Ruiz, Cesar Coletti, Danielle Colby, Cesar Sabroso -

Eddy Ruiz, Cesar Coletti, Danielle Colby, Cesar Sabroso

The executives who lead History Channel for Latin America are showing that in addition to producing and deliver quality content,

there is more to do to be closer to the audience. The initiative leveraging the CANITEC convention in Mexico from March 25 to 27, to bring the star of theCazadores de Tesoro (Treasure Hunters) series, Danielle Colby, was not only a success, but an innovation.

In what executives called it un íntimo (an intimate), attracted more than 70,000 fans in Latin American in a  History experience a coexistence with the public in a particular and personal relationship, establishing a link with the talent they see on the screen.

Of the more than 70,000 people online, 58% were Mexican public, 24% from Brazil, 10% Argentine and Colombian 8%. (Source; Google analytics and Livestream Analytics).

Cesar Coletti, VP of marketing of History Latin America said that the experience responds to a new way of engaging the viewer with content setting precedents for future streamings, “There will be new History Intimo (History Intimate)  throughout 2015, because we have to be very close to the audiences,” said very excited.

So, the multifaceted Danielle Colby and Buster Cox, acknowledged master of ceremonies and presenter of Miami staged a pleasant and relaxed chat with funny moments, like tasting Mexican dishes including maguey worms, grasshoppers, even Colby was showcased as a burlesque dancer and taught her companion several steps, which were the delight of all in a strong and original wager of the channel.

An spectacular scenery was mounted Sebastian Foundation that ranged from vintage objects to a sector of tattoos in honor of several that Danielle has in her torso and arms. An ideal place to conduct this special meeting hosted more than 50 lucky Mexican fans who had the unique opportunity to enjoy the evening.

And like any great occasion, at the end of a big party between the star and her audience in an art gallery, transformed into a kind of Cazadores de tesoros(Treasure Hunters) fair, in between an excellent selection of music, food and drink.

A real experience which enabled the lucky local fans coexist with their favorite personality, and having a station for temporary tattoos inspired by the series, games and most importantly, very close to Danielle.

Undoubtedly, this íntimo will remain in the memory of the History Channel audience and local participants, with the magical dye that  only celebrities can offer. And of course, strategies of the marketing strategists of innovative and intelligent companies.

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