Ocho Digital presented its unique products in Miami.


Team Ocho Digital


Hector Hernandez Director of Ocho Digital

Ocho Digital, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Miami presented Online Demand Generation service. This unique methodology is changing the paradigms in planning and implementing strategies in digital marketing.

The Online Demand Generation service that is offered by Ocho Digital is based on the analysis of the ‘Online’ competitive environment of a product or brand, added Héctor Hernández, Managing Director.

“That includes an evaluation of the main player’s digital properties within that respective industry. This process is analyzed from two perspectives: (1) How to respond to the habits, needs and expectations of your audience. (2) Support objectives across different platforms and brand positioning” noted Hernández.

Through a proprietary index developed by Ocho; Digital Business Readiness Index (DBR) – It is possible to measure the gap between a client and its competitors. Establishing both the size of the opportunity, the investment and the knowledge needed to close that gap.

In contrast to Ocho’s competitors the clarity is which they can operate and establish the client’s digital presence allows Ocho to eliminate the exploration stage. Better focusing their time and reducing unnecessary spending.

In calculating the competitive analysis the DBR Index defines the gap.Making it possible to have a precise view of the tactics and digital initiatives that must be implemented for the client to achieve its marketing sales goals and / or any other strategic pillars.

Ocho Digital proprietary Digital Business Readiness Index (DBR) and Online Demand Generation services are the formula and methodology that differentiates Ocho from the saturated universe of digital companies. This philosophy is designed to achieve real increments that become tangible conversions within different platform or points of contact that are defined in terms of traffic, leads, sales, or fidelity.

The Ocho Digital team is made up of high level professionals who have excelled in various industries and specialties. Under the leadership of Hector Hernandez as Managing Director of the company whose career has focused on marketing and advertising in Banking, Advertising Agencies and Consumer Products. Fernando D’Annunzio specialist in Digital Business Readiness is experienced in marketing for companies like Motorola and RIM. Alessio Dirani also a marketer comes from K

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