Until soon René Lee

Rene Lee (2)

Rene Lee

Passed away on April 18 in Mexico City, he left the best of himself to his family, friends and to an industry to which  he was dedicated in a committed and professional fashion.

Until soon, because I believe that death does not exist. It is a transition, a change that all sooner or later anyway, we must do. We are told that we will die and when we associate solely with the body, that if it dies or ends, we believe that there we also end. If we associate with the mind that is what we are and the soul which is the engine of our emotions and feelings, the perspective of death changes.

Although individual bodies are destined to self-destruction, the live feeling – the who am I? and, what do I think, say, feel and do? … what do I share? It is who we are and is equivalent to only a source of 20-watt of energy brain functioning in other words; we are a mystery.

Many people die while they are alive, because the first burial of their life is their body when there are no dreams, goals or with whom to share. For others, the dead do not exist while they are alive in their hearts or by their deeds or feelings that they provided, by which they inspired us and so by this energy that does not disappear with death, it stays with us.

René Lee inspired many of us, contributed to the companies for which he worked and dedicated his life with honesty and loyalty.

Was initiated in this industry in 1959 at then, Productora de  Teleprogramas S.A. (now Televisa) as a sub accountant in charge of quality control of copies on kinescope and distribution as well as the sale to provincial TV stations in Mexico of the telenovelas produced by this enterprise.From 1966 he was appointed sales director for Latin America at Protele S.A., as then was called the program distributor of  Televisa at the time, and Rene Lee was at the forefront of this important development, working arduously for this Televisa company until 1993.In 1994 was called by TV Azteca and appointed Manager of International Sales of TV Azteca S.A.B. de C.V. with the mission to open up the Latin American market for its productions and was able to place telenovelas throughout the continent.

René Lee, was a man of good, respected, pioneer and beloved by the industry, a man who will not die in the memory of those who met him, we had the opportunity not only to share, but to learn from his vast experience and receive his beneficent influence under his rigorous man’s character and very, very friendly. These things do not know death. /by: Amanda Ospina


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