Natalia Denegri and Nazarena Nóbile win Latin Golden Award in Miami

Natalia Denegri y Nazarena Nóbile

Nazarena Nóbile y Natalia Dengri

Nazarene Nóbile and Natalia Denegri just received in Miami, United States, a Latin Golden Award for Revelation in their first season together in front of Atrevidas by the MiraTv signal.

The show is characterized for its irreverence and impudence but for providing service, support and containment to women, is broadcast on Saturdays at 9 pm and is already a success in audience.

On the other hand, Nazarena Nóbile received a distinction for her journalistic career. And Natalia Dengri, along with producers Elizabeth Hernandez and Nelson Bustamante, were recognized by the documentary Doble Exilio.

Atrevidas is not just a program dedicated to women that addresses issues relating to fashion, beauty, health and celebrities. It is a weekly magazine with a social and solidarity highlighted profile in which women can not only be represented but also assisted in different aspects of their life.

The program has spicy interviews, debates and information, expert guests and expert collaborators with the ironic, funny and “hormonal” touch that characterizes its drivers.

The Big Opening the show (Apertura) was performed in the stunning Homestead Palm Beach Race Speedway on two Porsche GT3. And the theme song belongs to the talented Argentine musician David Bolzoni.

This is the beginning of a long road to go for these two Argentine who gave their first step on the right foot in the coveted American market which is so difficult to conquer.


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