AZ CINEMA premieres an original production Nada Como el Cine (Nothing Like Film)


Nada como el cine

Channel specializing in Mexican era cinema AZ TV DE PAGO (AZ PAY TV) transmits endless knowledge through its new original production.

Nada Como el Cine, is a space that shows the way of thinking and the work of great personalities of Mexican cinema, at the hands of film expert Ignacio Duran, who in the company of different guests from the likes of Jose Antonio Valdez, Armando Casas and Guadalupe Ferrer, performed an analysis of the most outstanding films of the AZ Cinema catalogue.

 The host and moderator, Ignacio Duran told TVMAS that “ the passion, the cultural niche and the intent that lurks behind each film is fascinating and being able to contrast with the views and cultural behaviors today, it gives us a knowledge beyond what we see in other channels and in the story itself, gives us the possibility of creating a critical judgment and see our Golden films in an objective and comprehensive manner.”

 The rhythm of the program is marked by a pleasant, interesting and nostalgic tone. Lighting, depth of field and interesting expert talks and his guests are the perfect scenery.

This series is broadcast by AZ CINEMA from August 17.

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