Adaptation of the game show Pull Over of Armoza, will be made in Spain


Pull Over

Radio and Television of Andalusia (RTVA) of Spain made the game show of Armoza Formats Pull Over, season that Canal Sur will broadcast in mid-September in six (6) weekly episodes in Access Prime Time. The local name is Este Coche es una Ruina and the adaptation is produced by ATN Media.

In the game show (30) fortunate owners of old and ruined vehicles have the opportunity to win a new car. They will have to answer 7 questions by placing 8 car keys located on potential responses on a digital board, with the objective of completing the game with the key to unlock the car. To conduct they have chosen Spanish actor and comedian Salva Reina.

The CEO of Armoza Formats, Avi Armoza said that “Pull Over is the perfect family game show based on the simple premise of giving people the opportunity to win a new car. Its appeal to a wide variety of audiences, with easy viewing and structure, allow its adaptation to any time slot. We are anxious to see the Spanish local adaptation.”


Avi Armoza

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