Advertising investment grows in the cinema of Spain reaching 67.2%

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Growing investment in movie theaters in Spain

According to Audiovisual 451, in the first six months of the year, the advertising investment to conventional media grew 7.0% on the equivalent period of the previous year, showing a figure of 1998.0 million euros, compared to 1867.0 millions in 2014. Investment is increasing in all media except newspapers and Sunday supplements.

Cinema advertising medium, i.e. in movie theaters grew the most. It increased 67.2%, which places its figure in the period from January to June 2015 at 12 million euros, compared with seven million registered in the same period of the previous year. However, it is still the media with lower incidence in all the conventional media. Good data of spectators registered last year have been a stimulus for advertisers that seem to again rely on movie screens to display their products.

Television remains the primary means for their investment volume, It has grown by 9.9% reaching 1028.0 million euros in the first half of the year. Newspapers, second medium for its absolute value of ad spending, has suffered in the period January-June 2015 a decrease of -1.5%, with an investment of 278.6 million euros.

Internet (graphic formats), ranks third for its investment figure, it stood at 193.6 million, representing an increase of 7.9% over the figure for the previous year. Source: Audiovisual 451.

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