Helena’s Shadow and The Life We Lead premieres in Ecuador


La sombra de Helena

Helena’s Shadow and The Life We Lead have just premiered in Ecuavisa, one of the largest and most important broadcasting networks in Ecuador. The channel has been a Globo partner for many years and has broadcast other great successes of the Brazilian network, such as ‘Brazil Avenue’, ‘Trail of Lies’, ‘Cat’s Cradle’, ‘The Enchanted Tale’, ‘Brave Woman’, ‘Irrational Heart’ and ‘Pages of Life’. They have all led the ratings on their respective time slots. ‘The Life We Lead’, which has already been licensed to 100 countries, is being rebroadcast in the Ecuadorian channel.

‘Helena’s Shadow’ is set in Rio de Janeiro and was also shot in Vienna (Austria) and Brazil’s country side, and is wowing audiences around the world. The telenovela has been licensed to TV5 (Mongolia), Las Viet (Vietnam), and ATV (Peru), among others. It also aired aired on SIC (Portugal), where it was among the 20 most-watched programs in the country (Source: GFK). The story premiered on Ecuavisa on July 21st and reached 25% share on the first day.

‘Helena’s Shadow’ portrays the comings and goings in the lives of cousins Laerte (Gabriel Braga Nunes, ‘Irrational Heart’) and Helena (Julia Lemmertz, ‘Looks & Essence’). On their wedding day, Laerte’s obsessive jealousy separates him from Helena. Twenty years later, he meets Luiza (Bruna Marquezine, ‘Brave Woman’), the daughter of his former lover. They fall in love, which deeply affects Helena’s marriage and her relationship with her daughter, who ends up repeating her mother’s mistakes. The telenovela features an all-star cast, including Giovanna Antonelli (‘The Clone’), Reynaldo Gianecchini (‘Shades of Sin’), and Natalia do Vale (‘Brave Woman’).

’The Life We Lead’, which debuted on August 3rd, tells the moving story of sisters Ana (Fernanda Vasconcellos, ‘Pages of Life’) and Manuela (Marjorie Estiano, ‘Empire’), while they deal with tragedy and find paths that lead to happiness. Filmed in HD with meticulous cinematography and beautiful scenarios in Brazil and Argentina, the telenovela has won over audiences. When broadcast in Access primetime, the plot reached an average of 24 points and a 52% share (Source: Ibope). In Uruguay (Teledoce) and Costa Rica (Teletica), the telenovela was a primetime leader. Europe has also surrendered to this beautiful production. In Portugal, on Globo’s basic channel, the plot was one of the most watched programs on cable TV in the country. ‘The Life We Lead’ also had its broadcasting rights acquired by the Fox (Netherlands) MundoFox (current MundoMax, Hispanic United States), TDM (Macao), VIVA Plus (Israel), Abu Dhabi TV (Middle East), among others.

‘The Life We Lead’ is written by Lícia Manzo (‘The Cleaning Lady’) and is directed by Jayme Monjardim (‘The Clone’). The telenovela also features renowned actors such as Thiago Lacerda (‘Precious Pearl’), Daniela Escobar, Stênio Garcia e Paulo Betti (‘The Clone’), Regiane Alves (‘Women in Love’), Nicette Bruno (‘The Buzz’), Leona Cavalli (‘Destiny River’), among others.


Watch the trailer for ‘Helena’s Shadow’ here.

Watch the trailer for ‘The Life We Lead’ here.

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