Telefe Argentina: transmedia proposal and strategy for advertisers



In the framework of the Jornadas conference to be held shortly in Buenos Aires, Telefe hosted a breakfast in their studios to share their creative cross-platform proposal, the results obtained and the projection for the second half of the year.

The Commercial Telefe team presented new brand inserts innovations in content in different productions in their diverse platforms. The trasmedia Telefe proposal focuses on the unique application “Mi Telefe”, adding to the already available platforms and generating new opportunities for advertisers to integrate advertising content in innovative ways and increase the reach of its brand shares.

The meeting was attended by Natalia Negueruela, Marketing Manager P&G Argentina, Daiana Szarfsztejn, Manager of media and digital marketing, M. Celeste Miner, Manager of Trial & P&G Brand, Nicolas del Campo responsible for procurement and their respective teams.

For Telefe participated Santiago Perincioli, commercial Manager, Celeste Garay strategic marketing Manager, Patricio Pérez Salvo, Chief creative business, Roberto Iglesias Chief commercial cross-platform, Georgina Geirola Executive commercial cross-platform and Daniel Wuilz responsible for digital.

Telfe will continue doing these activities to approach representatives of the brands, jointly analyzing their needs and bringing them ad hoc and comprehensive proposals that adapt to each customer understanding and deepen their communication strategies to achieve the ideal mix and improve results.

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