Las Santisimas


Las santisimas

The premiere was last August 24, after ‘Lady, la Vendedora de Rosas’, Las Santísimas, is produced by RCN channel and Colombia’s Teleset production company.

It is the story of Helena and her friends Ana, Candelaria, and Francisca Irene, near forty, with names of saints and martyrs, who thought that they were destined to remain spinsters. When Helen finally manages to marry, after years of being a single mother, occurs a great tragedy in her life. And to overcome decides to adapt her house as a spa and, with her friends, runs the place. Amidst the demanding work, ‘Las Santisimas, as they call themselves, have to deal with internal conflicts and the opposition from those who are determined to hinder their quest of happiness and fulfillment as women.

The original story is from Luis Felipe Salamanca, has the direction of Juan Carlos Vasquez (Amor en Custodia) and Gloria Parra. The scripts are from Luis Felipe Salamanca, Sandra Liliana Montato, Ximena Ospina and Maria Ximena Poveda. The cast is composed of prominent actors of national and foreign television as Kathy Saenz Ernesto Calzadilla, Alejandra Azcarate, Margarita Ortega, Carolina Cuervo, Jacqueline Arenal, Majida Issa, Javier Delgiudice, Helena Mallarino, Carlos Torres, Ricardo Velez and George Slebi among others.

 “Las Santisimas, is a production with real life stories that can happen to all women of Colombian society regardless of the social circle in which they move. Their loves, disappointments, conflicts, dreams and desire to succeed, are the ingredients that make up this novel with which viewers are going to feel fully identified,” says Juan Carlos Vasquez, one of the directors.


Original story: Luis Felipe Salamanca
Directors: Juan Vasquez and Gloria Parra
Scripts: Luis Felipe Salamanca, Sandra Liliana Motato, Ximena Ximena Pineda and Maria Ospina Poveda
Executive Producer: Marie Antonieta Navia
Production: Teleset S.A custom made for RCN

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