In danger TVyNOVELAS of Televisa in Colombia

Edgar Hozzman

Colombian journalist Edgard Hozzman

In the newsroom of TVMAS arrived an article of Colombian journalist Edgard Hozzman.

of Pantalla & Dial, who published that Televisa executives of Mexican mogul Emilio Azcarraga announced with great fanfare the appointment of Porfidio Sanchez as the new director of the publishing group In Colombia.

According to the interesting article, Mr. Sanchez came to Colombia announcing to advertising sellers that if that did not work, simply, he would close the company and began making changes.

“The first thing he did was to get rid of the art director, Jorge Rodriguez, who had several years with the company and gave it the same size and shape as the publication in Mexico,” says the article and continuously “then he fired Pilar Luna, one of the most recognized Entertainment journalists in Colombia and who has given much of her life to the presentation of the TVyNovelas awards and named Gustavo Rincon, a personage with no experience in the world of Entertainment journalism, just because has been a companion of models and some Reggaeton singers.”

“Rincón, above the journalistic criteria, imposes his singers and models so that they are on the pages and on the cover, in violation of the most basic ethical principles of journalism.”


“Causes hilarity that this character was not in the closing of the most recent magazine and obviously did not review content, nor photos, nothing. They had to take to print what it was, as it was and the personage of yore, appeared on Monday, screaming because one of his models that Mr. Porfidio had liked was not.”

“Is unheard of that first instinct rather than reason in Porfidio Sanchez, especially when the Televisa Group is revising its editorial policy to curtail costs, before displacement which are suffering written media by social networks.”

“It is inconceivable that a character with no journalistic experience who as the sole letter of presentation he has, is being a representative of ladies-in-waiting, replaces Pilar Luna, an ethical and experienced journalist.”

“A similar example occurred a few years ago when the executives of Periódicos Asociados (Associated Newspapers) named Luis Fernando Perez a droll that nearly killed the company and ended Viernes Cultural, the publication with the largest circulation in Colombia.”

At TVMAS, we do investigative journalism for the progress of companies investing a lot of money to stay in this competitive industry. And it is important to evaluate the different business units of these companies which, with great effort, have been for years working ardously for the entertainment industries.

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