Globo’s doomed premieres in Argentina

Amores robadoss

Amores robados

Since September 21, Argentina will follow ‘Doomed,’ which premieres on Telefe at the 11pm time slot. In the miniseries, one of Globo’s highlights at MIPCOM 2015, Cauã Reymond plays Leandro, a sommelier who has affairs with several married women, until he falls in love with the daughter of his mistress and his boss. With high levels of passion and romance, and beautiful scenes shot in the Brazilian Northeast, ‘Doomed’ was also licensed to SIC (Portugal) and has recently premiered on TV Azteca (Mexico).

Telefe is one of the main broadcast TV stations in Argentina and has a solid partnership with Globo. Last year, the companies signed a volume agreement that considerably expanded the space of Brazilian dramaturgy in the country. Telefe has already broadcast great hits by the Brazilian channel, such as ‘Trail of Lies,’ ‘Brave Woman,’ ‘Irrational Heart,’ and ‘Brazil Avenue’. In the latter, Cauã Reymond played the prominent role of disturbed, romantic Jorginho. ‘Brazil Avenue’ was a leader in ratings in Argentina, and its last chapter was aired at a party for 6,000 people, with the presence of some of the plot’s talents.

The cast of ‘Doomed’ includes some of Globo’s biggest stars, such as Murilo Benício and Ísis Valverde (both from ‘Brazil Avenue’), Patrícia Pillar and Cassia Kis (both from ‘The Party’), among others.

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