Fernando Colunga and Jorge Salinas battle in new UNIVISION telenovela pasion y poder


Pasion y Poder

Telenovela heartthrob Fernando Colunga hits the small screen again but this time interpreting a villain as he competes against Jorge Salinas for the love of Susana Gonzalez and for power in Televisa’s latest super production, “Pasión y Poder” (Passion and Power).

Univision Network’s new primetime telenovela, “Pasión y Poder” chronicles the love stories and fight for power of two feuding families. A rivalry that originated in each men’s youth, when Eladio Gómez Luna (Fernando Colunga) and Arturo Montenegro (Jorge Salinas) both fell in love with the beautiful Julia Vallado (Susana Gonzalez). Julia and Arturo were set to wed when the bride-to-be learns that her fiancé has cheated on her and impregnated another woman during a boozy night out. Heartbroken, Julia marries Eladio out of spite.

Years later, Julia is a very unhappy woman and is suffering at the hands of her cruel husband. Her only consolation is her son David (José Pablo Minor). Meanwhile, Arturo decides to marry Nina (Marlene Favela), an attractive but frivolous and ambitious woman with whom he has three children: Erick (Alejandro Nones), Daniela (Irina Baeva), and Regina (Michelle Renaud).

Julia and Eladio’s son, David Gómez Luna, is the complete antithesis of his father. As fate would have it, he and Regina are both working in the same place and it was love at first sight despite knowing their fathers’ hatred towards each other.

Julia and Arturo struggle to give their love a second chance and must surmount the obstacles in their way. Each of them will have to make a decision and fight for what controls their lives…Passion and Power.

This telenovela marks the debut of “El Gordo y La Flaca’sDanilo Carrera in a Televisa production. Carrera will be playing Colunga’s illegitimate son, Franco Herrera.

Produced by José Alberto “El Güero” Castro who’s hits include “Rubí,” “Teresa,” “la que no podía amar,” “corona de lágrimas” and “la malquerida“.

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