They initiate the recordings of El Hotel de los Secretos (The Hotel of Secrets)


Cast and production of El Hotel de los Secretos.

It is the new production of Roberto Gomez Fernandez, whose characteristics and structures located as a mix of series and telenovela.

Before starting work on the forum, those incharge of production and cast gathered to celebrate a Mass for the beginning of the recordings of this new production.

Very early met at the forum 10 of Televisa San Angel the protagonists of this story, Irene Azuela and Erick Elias, along with Diana Bracho, Daniela Romo, Juan Ferrara, Carlos Rivera, Jorge Poza, Ximena Herrera, Ilse Salas, Dominika Paleta and Alex de la Madrid.

The rest of the actors, who also attended the ceremony presided by Father Jose de Jesus Aguilar, were Jesus Ochoa, Lalo España, Claudia Ramirez, Luis Couturier, Claudia Rios, Queta Lavat, Ilse Ikeda and Sofia Castro.

During the homily, Roberto Gomez took the floor and, alluding to the words of the religious Minister said that in addition to invite to this project to tolerance and patience, above all should summon gratitude, and this is for having the opportunity to be part of a project like this.

The people who participate, the producer added, “was chosen for their talent and also because they are people in full swing, who enjoy their work and perform with gusto and great professionalism.”

After the Mass, the traditional clapboard was performed, which formally initiated the recordings of the series-telenovela to be released in January 2016 by Univision.


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