Latin Angels TV and Show Business of Sierralta Entertainment celebrated in first class in Miami

SIERRALTA Michael y Carmen Tribolet presidente y directora de la plataforma OTT Yiptv a la derecha Eligio Cedeno presidente de Vme Tv

Michael and Carmen Tribolet President and Director de YipTV , Miguel Sierralta and Eligio Cedeno president of Vme TV

Last Thursday October 29th, the producer of the renowned creative TV producer of the renowned and showbiz entrepreneur, Miguel Sierralta celebrated two important events. The creation of Latin Angels TV, a 24 hour channel dedicated to exalt the beauty of Latin women around the world.

“A great channel can not exist without a platform that shows it to the public, which is why we celebrate our Latin Angels TV channel and Show Business TV are already on the YipTV platform” said the enthusiastic businessman who celebrated the opening new studios located in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, where the party was held.

“There are plenty of reason for wanting to have our friends, clients and those very close to us on a very special night, so we’re very happy that those who came to this invitation are enjoying this great night,” said to TVMAS Miguel Sierralta in one packed with celebrities, business partners, employees and friends many of whom traveled from other countries expressively to this event.

It’s a great location that the company also offers rental for audiovisual productions, photographics, events, theater, concerts, lectures, art exhibitions and galleries.

Attendees enjoyed a sexy parade of Latin Angels over top in swimwear to the rythm of The Latin Angels Band, DJs, artists, the exhibition of works in 3D of the teacher Rafael Espitia and exquisite gastronomic shows, all with the support of several sponsors including YIP, Cuzqueña, Monarca and Rocco Donna.


Nicolas Colate Vallejo Spanish theatrical businessman, Mara Roldan model, participant of Latin Angels and presenter of the program Checklist of Sierralta Entertainment with Amanda Ospina journalist and Director of TVMASmagazine.

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