Celia of RCN and FOXTeleColombia with Amparo López leading



RCN Television is innovating. Of the hand of FOX Telecolombia ventured into a super-production called ‘Celia‘. A series based on the life of one of the most successful and beloved Latin artists of the last century: Celia Cruz, also known as “The Guarachera of Cuba” or “The Queen of Salsa.”

A woman with an unprecedented outpouring of talent, born in the midst of the Cuban revolution and who thanks to her distinctive and powerful voice was transformed from a poor and humble girl, into one of the most important Latin stars, making salsa, one of the most important genres worldwide.

Was recorded with the highest quality standards, in locations such as Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, New York, San Juan of Puerto Rico and Colombia. It is a tribute to the life and legacy of this black woman, of rhythmic hips, brightly colored dresses and wigs which never went unnoticed and with her powerful voice, immortalized the phrase ¡Azúcar! (Sugar!)

The series of 80 chapters has in direction actor and director Victor Mallarino and Liliana Bocanegra. Libretti of Andres Salgado (Joe, The Legend) and Paul Rodriguez. The executive producer is Nelson Martinez, casting manager Juan Pablo Rincon, music Alfredo De La Fe, and the voice of Celia by Patricia Padilla.

The production was recorded by two units with two F65 cameras and two cameras F23 HD 1080 (high-end film cameras), dolly, steadicam full time (for moving shots), 12 meter cranes and drone recording to 4k (with better resolution and storage capacity).

Celia‘ in her young stage is played by Puerto Rican Jeimy Osorio, a young actress who has starred in films from Hollywood as Fast & Furious 5 in 2011. She also was a model of one of the music videos of Ricky Martin entitled ‘Mas‘, and has performed in several Telemundo novelas as: La Historia de tu Vida and Porque el Amor Manda, among others. And Cuban Aymée Nuviola is Celia as adult.

Aymée, it is also known as La Sonera del Mundo (The Sonera of the World), was nominated for the 2010 Billboard awards and in 2014 was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Salsa Album and Best Tropical Album with her album First Class to Havana.

Also has performed at important venues worldwide, including Madison Square Garden in New York. To them, accompany her in the stellar roles, Puerto Rican Modesto Lacen (Young Pedro Night) and Cuban Willie Denton (adult Pedro Night).

To this cast of international actors, in addition join others first-line: Margoth Velasquez, Moses Angulo, Judy Henríquez, Carolina Gaitan, Aida Bossa, Abel Rodriguez Carolina Sabino, Lully Bossa, Indhira Serrano Mikhail Mulkay, Marcela Gallego, Luis Eduardo Arango, Mauricio Cujar, Felix Antequera, Jonathan Islas and Patricia Padilla, among many others.


General producer: Amparo Lopez
Executive Producer: Nelson Martinez
Production Manager: Mauricio Rodriguez
Assistant producer: Carolina Salazar
Production coordinator: Carol Marcela Salazar
Director: Víctor Mallarino
Director unit 2: Liliana Bocanegra
Casting: Juan Pablo Rincón.

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