HBO with a new look & feel for Latin America and the Caribbean

Gustavo Grossman- nueva

Gustavo Grossmann

The announcement of the launch of a makeover of the main channel, HBO, and its digital platforms in Latin America and the Caribbean, including the promise of premium viewers entertainment with exclusive original series, Hollywood movies and innovative documentaries.

Inspired by the new digital trends, design and general aesthetics of the new image highlights the core values that distinguish HBO: vision, innovation, sophistication and quality. In addition, it shows the evolution of the channel (which will celebrate 25 years in the region in 2016) while adapting to changes in the future.

Gustavo Grossmann, Corporate Vice President of Networks, HBO Latin America, said that this new image reflects the leadership in the entertainment industry. “We adapt ourselves to the constant technological development and new trends. Now the best content from Latin America will be joined by the best look & feel, creating a strong bond with the public.”

The new image will be launched through the main channel, HBO, and the new online subscription platform, HBO GO. The new design will not affect the brand logos. The creation of the visual proposal was a team effort between Miami, Buenos Aires and Caracas; while the design and execution were the responsibility of Plenty studios and audio production was conducted by Pararrayos studios.

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