Mozart in the Jungle

Mozart in the jungle - Gael Garcia Bernal como Rodrigo

Mozart in the Jungle, with Gael García Bernal

Sex, drugs and classical music. On Tuesday January 12 FOX Life, opens the second season of Mozart in the Jungle series starring Gael García Bernal enters the backstage and in the intimacies of the Symphony Orchestra of New York, one of the most prestigious and recognized internationally.

The second season will continue for 10 episodes continue to build the tension left the striking end of the first. It will delve on the employment status of the musicians due to a contractual dispute that, as usual, will make some people explode and others prefer to adhere to the status quo; being one of the central themes.

On this axis, the executive producer of the series, Paul Weitz said: “I find it fascinating that one is playing beside someone for twenty years, and for a time can get along and for another, can not even speak. As occurs with many large families, everyone has a different point of view.”

Based on the book homonym by Blair Tindall, was created and written by Jason Schwartzman (“Journey to Darjeeling”) and Roman Coppola (“Moonrise Kingdom”). Starring Gael Garcia Bernal (“Amores Perros”, “Babel”, “Mala Educacion”), Lola Kirke (“Gone Girl”), Saffron Burrows (“Troy”), Malcolm McDowell (“Clockwork Orange”) and Bernadette Peters (“The Last Madness”).


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