In El Salvador emits the telenovela Hermanitas Calle of Caracol

Las hermanitas Calle en baja

Hermanitas Calle

The telenovela (80x1h), produced by Caracol Television and distributed by Caracol International, is on Channel 2 TCS of El Salvador since last December 28.

Based on a true story, Hermanitas Calle tells the story of two women overcoming from girls must struggle to overcome adversity and achieve fame with their powerful voice. Their life was not easy as they were forced to be the sustenance of their family with their talent, in a macho environment, and in a place where the music they perform is not viewed favorably by some characters of its town.

From small they suffered on account of their father and as adults, because of their husbands. They lived stories of neglect and indifference so dramatic as the lyrics of their songs.

Recorded with optical film and natural landscapes, is starring Carolina Gaitan and Yuri Vargas, who personify Nelly and Fabiola Calle respectively; accompanied by a great cast that stand out figures like Luis Mesa, Katherine Escobar, Julio Pachon, Carlota Llano and Patricia Tamayo, among others.

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