Challenges for pay TV Subscriber flight in 2016


Jason Thibeault, Senior Director of Marketing, Limelight

According to a study of Limelight, published last December, 83% of consumers of TV see VOD. The percentage who watch four or more hours of VOD per week grew to more than 36%, compared to 30% in April 2015.

Among Millennials, there is a gap between those who see 10 or more hours of video per week (still 20% in December 2014 and 15% in April 2015). They respond to the trend of ‘binge watching’ more than other age groups.

A growing number consumed in their TV, either through apps on its SmarTV or connecting devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One and PS4. This puts pressure on content providers in terms of quality devices because consumers abandon a poor quality video.

The study assures that Millennials are the largest consumers of video per week and are much more open to subscribe to one or more OTT services. In addition, Limelight said in April that most consumers would end their contract because pay TV prices continue to rise.

Jason Thibeault, Senior Director of Marketing for Limelight, said: “The world of online video is anything but predictable. Organizations seeking to take advantage of this change must take into account how easy things are changed. Business flexibility is vital to achieving success.”

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