Globo brings intense telenovela ‘Ambitious Women’ to Miami with trio of Brazilian stars


Stars Glória Pires, Adriana Esteves, and Camila Pitanga are the protagonists of this thought-provoking, visceral story

In ‘Ambitious Women,’ a super production that Globo will introduce to the international market during the 2016 Natpe, the different faces of ambition are revealed in a plot filled with greed, revenge, and power struggle. This takes place through the clash between three strong women with very distinct personalities, in an intriguing story full of emotion that captured the Brazilian audience.

Beatriz (Glória Pires, ‘Fight or Love?’), is a wealthy woman who seems to have everything she needs, but follows a path without rules and plenty of thirst for power. Inês (Adriana Esteves, ‘Brazil Avenue’), with a character just as questionable as Beatriz, cultivates a mixture of envy and fascination for the former friend since her adolescence. Her hatred and lust for revenge are motivated by the certainty that her rival is guilty of her father’s death, with whom Beatriz had an affair in the past. And Regina (Camila Pitanga, ‘Side by Side’), is the counterpoint and real heroine of ‘Ambitious Women.’ A dreamer from a humble background, she struggles to achieve her goals, such as finding out who murdered her father, without resorting to sabotaging anyone’s plans. Moved by the many different faces of ambition, these three women fight real battles in a story of power plays, blackmail, and justice, in order to achieve their respective goals.

Written by renowned Gilberto Braga (‘Irrational Heart’), ‘Ambitious Women’ reached more than 24 million viewers on Globo’s primetime in Brazil (source: Ibope).

The trio of women also drew attention on the internet. ‘Ambitious Women’ generated more than 1 million spontaneous mentions in a microblog, in 227,000 profiles, resulting in approximately four comments per user.

The first episodes of this super production by Globo have scenes shot in Dubai and Paris. A team of nearly 20 people shot for two weeks in both countries, in a journey that started in the United Arab Emirates and then moved on to France. Striking scenes were captured, adding even greater strength to the telenovela. In Paris, for instance, for three days a team of almost 50 people, including local and telenovela production, shot at the Luxembourg Garden, Place des Vosges, Bir Hakeim Bridge, and Rodin Museum. 60 kilograms of lights were used in the shooting with Beatriz and Evandro (Cássio Gabus Mendes, ‘Side by Side’) at the famous Tour D’Argent restaurant. The intention was to highlight the buildings in the surroundings and the Notre Dame Cathedral, and to simulate fireworks, as the story takes place on New Year’s Eve.

‘Ambitious Women’ also features a cast of world famous actors, such as Thiago Fragoso (‘Side by Side’), Bruno Gagliasso (‘The Enchanted Tale’’), Gabriel Braga Nunes (‘Irrational Heart’), Sophie Charlotte (‘The Party’), Fernanda Montenegro (2013 International Emmy winner for her role in ‘Sweet Mother’), and Marcos Palmeira (‘The Party’), among others.

Natpe 2016

Globo will be located in the Trésor Tower, suite 2601, during Natpe, which will be held from January 19th until 22st. The Brazilian company that produce, distribute and exhibit multigenre content around the world to many platforms, will offer its traditional Screening Breakfast on the morning of the 19th (from 8:00 to 10:00 AM, in the Versailles Tower, at the Glimmer Ballroom), where it will launch its new catalog of unreleased titles.

Simultaneously to the event, the promo reel will also be available at, along with trailers, episodes, pictures, synopses and much more of Globo’s 2016 portfolio. Globo Licensing App for tablets is available for download on Apple and Android devices

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