Globo opens Natpe 2016 announcing an exclusive original production for the international market


Raphael Corrêa Netto, Globo’s executive director of International Business; showrunner Daniel Burman; and Ricardo Scalamandré, Globo’s had of International Business.

Yesterday, January 19th, Globo officially presented its first original production targeted exclusively to the Latin American and Hispanic markets. With the provisional title of ‘Supermax’, the news was announced by Raphael Corrêa Netto, Globo’s Executive Director of International Business, and Argentinian filmmaker Daniel Burman, at the event that brought together executives from the international television industry and Ricardo Scalamandré, Globo’s Head of International Business, on the first day of Natpe, the main market in the sector, held in Miami. During the event that celebrated Globo’s creative force and its unique ability to tell stories, the company also presented the products that make up the 2016 licensing catalogue, including telenovelas, miniseries, and films that were successful in Brazil.

The original production is based on the argument of ‘Supermax’ – Globo’s new series, to debut in the second half of this year – a story of suspense and drama that mixes reality TV and fiction in an unprecedented way. With creative development by Oficina Burman, the adaptation for the Latin American and Hispanic audiences is signed by Daniel Burman, who was especially invited to lead the project’s artistic creation and to cast international talents, such as Spanish actor Santiago Segura, Argentinian Cecilia Roth, and Brazilian Bruno Gagliasso, the leading actor on the telenovela ‘Precious Pearl’, winner of the 2014 International Emmy. With Globo’s executive production, ‘Supermax’ will be broadcast first hand by the Mexican TV Azteca. The exhibition of the project’s conceptual trailer, which depicted images of the scenographic set created at Globo Studios, was a sneak peek of what is to come.

“This project is an evolution of our long presence in the Latin American and Hispanic markets and the value of Globo’s content to these countries’ audiences has stimulated the development of this production.  ‘Supermax’ has a strong universal outline that will delight audiences worldwide. We are confident of expansion capability of our works, and especially, in Globo’s collaboration to the development of the international market with this incentive to the creative environment”, said Mr. Scalamandré.

To Daniel Burman, Globo Studios’ executive production strengthens this venture. “I am amazed by the enormous production machinery we have at our disposal at Globo Studios. Supermax is an extraordinary experience that has the support, the force and talent of Globo to produce in Spanish. What we are experiencing today is a historical moment that has brought together great talents of the region at this incredible dream factory. We are all working together with the same spirit to tell a captivating story to the continent. I am fascinated by this project ” said the filmmaker.

Globo’s potential for creating universal stories and timeless characters was also remembered for classic characters of the Brazilian drama. Still present in the affective memory of viewers from all continents they were welcoming the guests at the event. The duo Nina and Tufão, from ‘Brazil Avenue’ (2012), recalled the plot’s success. With his roguish ways and a heart made of gold, the character Foguinho, from ‘Snakes & Lizards’ (2006), was also present alongside with enigmatic Jade, from ‘The Clone’ (2001), and Little Missy, from the unforgettable telenovela named after the character (2006). The couple Matteo and Giuliana, from ‘Terra Nostra’ (1999), Maya, from ‘India – A Love story’ (2009), and the entertaining Crô, from ‘Looks & Essence’ (2011), were also posing for pictures.

Globo’s products that comprise the 2016 licensing catalogue were presented in a promo reel, which also paid a tribute to the creative minds and talented hands of the professionals who work for the company, in a universe where the imagination has no limits. Among the telenovelas, the highlights are ‘Rules ofthe Game’, by João Emanuel Carneiro, author of ‘Brazil Avenue’; ‘Hidden Truths’, by Walcyr Carrasco, who wrote ‘Trail of Lies’; and ‘Parts of Me’, by the same author of ‘The Life We Lead’. The works ‘Dear Death’, which aesthetics mix reality and fantasy, and ‘Happily Ever After?’, directed by Fernando Meirelles, from the movie ‘City of God’, are the two miniseries Globo presents to the international market. Also part of the 2016 catalog, the movies ‘Tim Maia’, ‘Good Luck’, ‘Last Night’ and ‘My Mom is a Character’, are produced by Globo Filmes, Globo’s movie division which, for 3 years, has been introducing the Brazilian blockbusters to the world.


The event also brought another release: the arrival of Gloob, Grupo Globo’s first children’s channel and the largest producer of children’s television content in Brazil. The channel’s director Paulo Marinho greeted the guests and presented the company and its productions.  “It has been three years since we launched the pay TV channel in Brazil. Since then, we have increased our original production at 800%; we were finalists at the 2015 International Emmy Kids, among other awards; and we closed the year of 2015 ranking among the 4 most watched channels by the young Brazilian audience. Now, three years after its launch, I am here to present what we have created: original content with a global appeal”.

Nearing its 4th Anniversary, Gloob is listed among the top 20 most subscribed pay TV channels in Brazil.  Even in an extremely competitive market, where for over 20 years stablished players have been consolidated in the children’s segment, Gloob is already among the Top 5 in share in the pay TV children’s division. It closed the year of 2015 in 4th place among children’s audience ranking for pay TV.  Its programming, which is aimed at children between the ages of four and nine, is based on a contemporary, interactive and creative language. Its programming schedule consists of exclusive international productions and original content , which is produced both locally and through international co-productions with France, Italy, Canada, Chile, Colombia and Argentina.

Among the most successful productions in the catalog are the telenovela “Gaby Star”, about the life of a 13-year-old girl who sees her world turn upside down when she moves to her grandmother’s farm in the countryside; the live action series “Buuu – A Call to Adventure” and “B.B.D. – Blue Building Detectives”, as well as the show “Guess Who’s Cooking?”.

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