La vida sigue sold in more than 100 countries now in Mexico

LA VIDA SIGUE- The Life We Lead_GLOBO 2013

La vida sigue

TV Azteca premiered on Monday, January 25 at 4 in the afternoon, this production of TV Globo. The story was written by Licia Manzo and Marcos Bernestein, and has as protagonists Fernanda Vasconcellos, Ana Beatriz Nogueira, Marjorie Estiano, Rafael Cardoso and the first actor Paulo Betti.

It is a poignant story that chronicles the life of Ana, a promising tennis player who becomes pregnant by her boyfriend Rodrigo. Her controlling and possessive mother Eva, makes her break up with him and forces her to hide the pregnancy out of town until her daughter is born so she doesn’t lose the sponsorship within the sport which according to her, will lead to stardom.

When Ana gives birth, she decides to stay with her daughter who she names Julia, but her mother’s possession forces Ana to flee with her young in arms, and accompanied by her sister Manuela. In their eagerness to escape suffer a fatal accident, which leaves as a result the beautiful Ana in coma. Manuela and Julia come out unscathed from this disaster but will have to start a new life.

Manuela reveals to Rodrigo that Julia is his daughter and together raise the child, at the same time they start to feel a deep connection and passion. Five years later, Ana awakens from the coma and has to deal with a very different reality than she remembers. Now, her sister and Rodrigo are a couple and Julia considers Manuela her mother.

It is a story that has broken audience records in several countries such as: Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Uruguay, Korea and Chile. (70 chapters).

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