TV Azteca will produce in Mexico the program Still Standing


Still Standing

In the process of re-invention that TV Azteca has begun to strengthen their signals and give priority to high-quality content, materialized last week signing a deal to produce in Mexico Still Standing, a successful program in several countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, China and the United States with over 2,500 episodes transmitted.

The agreement between TV Azteca and content company Armoza is generated as part of the initiatives of the television station to strengthen the relationship with major international distributors and producers.

Currently, competition programs are taking greater boom in broadcast television, so this is one of several bets that TV Azteca prepares for 2016, and ensure content suitable for the whole family that are entertaining, agile and surprising in the Mexican market.

Still Standing will be produced by TV Azteca with the correct location of the program and thus achieve the preference of the Mexican audience.

The release date will be in the second half of 2016.

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