TV AZTECA confirms the series premier of Hasta que te Conocí


Hasta que te conoci

Is confirmed the cast of the new series produced by “Disney Media Distribution LatinAmerica” (DMD-LA), “Somos Productions” and “Juan Gabriel” which will be broadcast soon in Mexico by TV Azteca in the signal Azteca Trece.

TV Azteca is in a process of transformation with the creation of new alliances with the most important producers worldwide to generate new high quality content and relevance to broadcast television in Mexico, it confirmed that the cast of the new series, is composed of stars with a vast experience in theater, film and television. Six actors will be who will interpret the role of Alberto Aguilera Valadez, Mexican icon Juan Gabriel, throughout his life:

  1. Nohek Joel (2-4 years): From an early age Alberto faces rejection and abandonment within his own family environment.
  2. Ricardo Zertuche (4-6 years old) An unexpected turn in his life led him to a life of confinement and loneliness.
  3. Matías del Castillo (7-12 years old) growing in confinement Alberto forging an identity and is willing to defend it, and finds in music an unexpected refuge.
  4. Alejandro Flores (13-16 years) when the opportunity arises the young Alberto takes the first and most difficult decisions that mark him for the rest of his life.
  5. Carlos Yorvik (17-20 years old) Alberto faces poverty, hard nightlife and arduous journey trying to become a recognized singer.
  6. Julian Roman (20 and 40) living now his music at a professional level, does not go hungry.

And, as it had already been announced complete the cast the first figures of the performance: Dolores Heredia in the role of Victoria Valadez mother of Juan Gabriel, Maria Rojo in the role of Maribel, Irán Castillo in the role of Maria Romero, Gabriela Roel in the role of Brígida, Verónica Langer in the role of Micaela, Monica Dionne in the role of Maria de Jesus Meana, Gustavo Sánchez Parra in the role of Oscar, Marco Treviño in the role of Eduardo Magallanes, and stellar participation of Ernesto Gómez Cruz in the role of Juanito.

Hasta que te conocí” is a journey based on unpublished evidence that reveals, as never before, the life of the divo of Juarez: Juan Gabriel. A story that tells how his extraordinary talent led this singer-songwriter to defy his destiny and overcome poverty, betrayal and prejudice to become Juanga, Latin America’s most beloved musical icon.

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