New season of El Crew in CanalTr3ce of Colombia


El crew

Last Wednesday, February 17 the new season premiered of this late show which has positioned tself as an alternative to television for the evening. In this new phase it evolves to become in a more dynamic format and hard-hitting not only in information, but in its visual and language proposal.

The program now has two emissions a first will go from 6 to 7:30 pm and the second from 9 to 10:30 pm from Monday through Thursday. Throughout the broadcast, the audience enjoys seven thematic and short blocks treated by experts. The hosts of each of these are, Andrés López, Milena Morales, Mateo Ramírez, Sebastián Parra, Pato Mantilla, Diego Fero and Lays Balli.

Some of the hosts were already part of the program, others such as Milena, Sebastián and Pato entered as the novelty in talent. All of them arrived. Not only for their expertise in media but for thier recognition in the audience and because they dominate particular themes, with which they achieved undoubted credibility.

Another novelty has to do with the interaction they have with the audience on social networks, by which is producing alternative content, different from that seen on screen that rotates in social networks.

It is worth noting that the new proposal of El Crew is directly related to new and changing habits of audiences that access to information not only through the screen, but through mobile devices.

The program continues to have the direction of Andres Felipe “Anfegoto” González, is strengthened as the only late show in Colombia and an alternative entertainment at night for Colombians who want to see something other than telenovelas, reality or news.

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